SNL Characters Breaking


Pretty much the funniest thing in the world to me is when live sketch comedians break character. Jimmy Fallon—in his SNL days—was notorious for this. And then I found this two part series of SNL supercuts, and was glad for the web: Chris Farley as Matt Foley just slays. RIP. Found this one too:

Thus Ends the Streak


If you’ve been reading here regularly, I’ve been writing a post per day since July 18th of this year, save my company meetup in October. This represents streaks of 86 and 50 days, good for 136 posts in 144 days. But I’m giving up on posting every day, now. The point was never to post … Read more →

The Wolf at the Door


Climate change is an emergency, but it’s a slow one. The amount of carbon we’ve released—and continue to release—into the atmosphere is wreaking untold changes on our planet. And yet years of prophesied doom has given the warnings a bit of a boy-who-cried wolf aspect. We’re supposed to be in danger, but things seem pretty … Read more →

All About ISIS


I’m pretty hesitant to link to anything about ISIS-related, since anything that perpetuates fear plays right into their hands, and into the hands of those who would exploit that fear to get us to agree to all kinds of curtailments of our rights and freedoms in the name of safety. But, one antidote to fear … Read more →

Delightful Gimmick


Yes, this is just a commercial for Volvo. Yes, it’s a gimmick to convert a real dump truck to an RC car. Yes, it’s a bit gross to use (exploit?) a four year old. But this is entirely delightful:

The Source of Violence


There’s been a lot of violence in the world lately, but most of it hasn’t been in Paris or Colorado Springs or San Bernadino. No group is better at inflicting violence than militaries, since that’s what they’re there for. The best possible outcome of a standing army is the threat of violence, but what good … Read more →