A Feast of Fantasy Fiction


In the past week there’s been a flurry of notable speculative fiction releases that I intend to read. My only problem is deciding where to start. The list below is probably how I’ll proceed. These will all jump to close to the head of my queue: Ancillary Mercy is the final book in Ann Leckie’s … Read more →

An Ounce of Prevention


I think a lot about systems; about how certain ones succeed, others fail, and most just have a series of tradeoffs. Canada’s health care system provides many opportunities for reflection, since we proudly have a single payer system where no citizen pays out of pocket for (most) health care expenses. We always have the ready … Read more →

The Stresses of Dinner


The practice of eating together as a family feels like something that’s been happening forever, but that’s not the case. In The Wretched Table: How Dinner in America Became an Ordeal, Britt Peterson talks about the stresses of what’s a relatively recent cultural phenomenon: Modern dinner is stressful by design. Once a midday meal of … Read more →

Science and Metaphysics


Debates around the philosophy of science fascinate me, since science is so spectacularly useful, while scientists are often such bad philosophers. So, Roger Trigg’s Why Science Needs Metaphysics is right in my wheelhouse: Those who say that science can answer all questions are themselves standing outside science to make that claim. That is why naturalism—the … Read more →

Write For Your Audience


One of the hardest things in writing is deciding who you’re writing for. A pat answer is to write for yourself, and that’s perfectly valid, but every writer wants to be read more broadly than that. But trying to write for a broad audience is probably always a trap. Andy Weir, the author of the … Read more →

The Martian


The movie based on the fantastic book The Martian debuts this weekend. If the movie if faithful to the book, I’ll love it. I laughed out loud while reading this book more often than any book I can recall. It’s a delight. See the movie if you’re into that sort of thing, but definitely read … Read more →