Blue Collar


Over the past week, I’ve been working on my house as we’ve hit two weeks until we move into our gutted and renovated house. My role has been 75% janitor, 25% troubleshooter as I’ve tried to keep things moving in this final push. It’s been really gratifying to finally do something on our house with … Read more →

I Used to Write


I used to write a lot. I once wrote a 60 page undergrad thesis I’ve often thought of myself in the category of writer, which is of course laughable given that I write very little these days. A writer is, of course, someone who writes. That makes me an aspirational writer. This is already one … Read more →

Savouring is Better


Stop: what’s the last amazing meal you had? Can you remember that first bite, the flavours and smells and texture coming together? Is your mouth watering now? Now, how did the 20th bite taste? The last bite? You probably can’t remember. I really like strong-tasting beers. Give ‘em to me hoppy, give ‘em to me … Read more →

Hoefler & Frere-Jones No More


Tobias-Frere Jones is suing Jonathan Hoefler, who has responded by denying the allegations and changing the company name to Hoefler & Co. I’ve count Jonathan as an Internet friend—dating back around four years to the early days of web fonts—but I have no access to the facts around this, and therefore no commentary. I’m just … Read more →

Death by Praise


The recent How Not to Talk to Your Kids article was a real eye-opener for me. It turns out that praising kids kills their willingness to learn and take risks: The researchers would take a single child out of the classroom for a nonverbal IQ test consisting of a series of puzzles—puzzles easy enough that … Read more →