Programming a Philosophical Argument


This is an argument about the relationship between democratic inclusion and instrumental justifications of democracy. I show that any account of democracy that relies on the outcomes of democracy processes to demonstrate democracy’s value must have a congruent account of inclusion. Not only that, but because different accounts of democracy rely on different and incompatible … Read more →

Vaporous Knowledge


When the apocalypse strikes, we’re all going to be really sorry that we decided to store everything in the cloud. As the grid powering the Internet and all those data centres collapses, suddenly these pocket computers will contain almost nothing of value, since they can’t get at any of the knowledge that once made us … Read more →

The Food Lab Video Series


I’ve long been a huge fan of Kenji López-Alt’s The Food Lab feature on Serious Eats. I enjoy cooking good food with great technique informed by science, which is 95% due to his awesome experiments/recipes. But nothing beats seeing a preparation rather than just reading about it and looking at static pictures, so his new … Read more →

Narrower Car Lanes: Better Safety and Instant Bike Lanes


[T]he conventional engineering wisdom that favors 12-foot traffic lanes to 10-foot lanes is deadly wrong… when drivers have more room, cars go faster; when cars go faster, collisions do more harm. Citylab shows that the optimal lane width in Toronto is 10.5 feet. Translating to Winnipeg, this means that every street that’s three lanes wide … Read more →

Deepening Aboriginal Injustice


Canadian aboriginals are more likely to serve out the majority of their prison sentence, according to a recent report. The CBC’s article on the report notes that “[s]truggles to secure housing, an inmate’s criminal record and high caseloads for legal aid lawyers all contribute to longer wait times for release of aboriginal inmates in federal … Read more →

Self Driving Cars Are a Colossal Waste


Self-driving—or autonomous—cars have usually been greeted with suspicion at best, but the fact that Google is currently road-testing their driverless car since 2012 with an essentially perfect safety record has many people starting to think that this science fiction dream might become a reality sooner rather than later. To borrow a turn of phrase from … Read more →